Stephens last organ a 64 Key NBC Organ built 2014 – The organ plays from a midi system (designed by Decap Herentals) and is especially versatile with independent violin and bourdon sections of 19 notes each, an accompaniment section of 12 notes ( a chromatic octave ) and six bass notes with two pipes each, the lowest note being C instead of the usual G making a deeper bass section. In addition there is a bass drum, cymbal and snare drum in percussion. The violin and bourdon sections each have a tremulant, which is electronically controlled and synchronised. The Organ is now owned and cared for by Jamie Johnson.
Decap organ ‘JOY’ was built in 1989 by François Decap and sons in Herentals, Belgium and imported into the UK by the late David Vipan of Bourne, Lincolnshire
Originally it was two organs, the ‘Tiroler’ accordion band comprising accordion, drums and electronic accompaniment and bass with trumpet synthesiser, and this is still more or less as built as the right hand half of the combined organ.
The Elka electronic organ was fitted with computer programming and was intended as s stand alone instrument for use in small café’s or hotels for musical background.
Both instruments as originally built were designed to play 105 key ( Decap standard scale ) music programmed onto cassette tapes ( pre-midi computer system, in a real-time machine code).
David Vipan discovered that the two organs playing together made a good combination and with the assistance of Mark Waltham, the two were combined into a single instrument, with a duplicate front made to house the Elka and extension speakers added by Mark. Later a second accordion was added from another Decap organ. The organ had suffered from modifications by previous owners and was repaired to good working order by Stephen and Tony Yorke. The Organ now resides somewhere on the south coast of England.
The first organ Stephen bought in 1988 a 24 key Le Ludion, supplied as a “kit” of parts flat packed from France – this organ later went to Malta and was lost in a fire.
Stephens fourth organ, the well travelled 41 Key Embden/Heesbeen “Marina” purchased in 2003 from the Netherlands – Marina was built by Joop van Embden in the workshops of Theo Heesbeen of Tilburg, Holland about 30+ years ago and the scale is an extension of a Limonaire 35 key scale with register changes and percussion.Marina had an overhaul in the workshops of NBC Tilburg in May 2013 and new bellows were installed and the mechanism overhauled. Marina is now back on the continent.
Joop van Embden with “Marina”
Marina after being overhauled by Toon Heesbeen of NBC – Note the new additional pipework.
Stephen with Marina playing at my wedding in 2009
Stephens second organ a 20 note roll player built in Germany in the late 1980’s by Orgelbau Deleika , – Stephen arranged his 20 note rolls (well over 100+ titles) and they were designed to play on this organ – the organ was sold in the late 1990’s to his friend Tony Yorke and there it remained until 2023 when I purchased it from Tony – it has since undergone a full overhaul and the addition of a midi system.
Stephen and Joy and the Deleika (and “Mitzi” the glove puppet) – Chesterfield Organ Grind Circa 1993/4
The Deleika out in Quarry Park Shrewsbury 2024
“RIVA” the 1980’s 105 Key Decap Herentals organ purchased in the Netherlands in 2019 and imported back to the UK – the organ was effectively a similar system to system used on Decap Joy – Stephen wanted it to fit into his Living room so it was cut down and the old electronics replaced and a new system devised by Stephen to play any scale from 72 to 121 Key Decap Music – the electronics were repaired by Tony Yorke – the organ resided in his Living room until Stephens passing in 2022 – the organ is now in the collection of James Reid in Yorkshire.
Decap “Riva” as originally built
Stephens third organ – a 28 Keyless Everson – “Frieslands Glory” built by Jack Everson of Risca, Wales. Stephen added percussion and it was extended to 30 Keyless – there is a large library of original arrangements by Stephen with this organ – it was later sold to a person in Yorkshire. If anyone knows its current whereabouts please let me know !
Stephens Decap Herentals Pedestal Button Accordion
Stephens Klingman pianola – Stephen produced about 8-9 rolls of music for pianolas.
One of the Piano Rolls Stephen Produced for 88 Note
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An early roll label
Brand new rolls made in 2023 – the first Happy Cow 20 note rolls since 2005

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