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Stephen Simpson's Happy Cow Music.


The concept of Happy Cow Music started some 20 years ago, when I acquired my first mechanical organ, which was a French 'Le Ludion' hand turned organ. Normally, monkeys or apes are associated with this sort of instrument and although actual animals are generally replaced by soft toys, I didn't like monkeys. There is a reason for this. Aged 13 on a school trip to Chester Zoo, we managed to annoy the monkeys and quickly found their skill at launching poo with amazing accuracy! I think the expression is 'going ape-shit!'


So instead of a toy monkey I adorned my mechanical organ with a soft toy cow. Later I acquired a glove puppet cow and entertained the children with that. The puppet cow, Mitzi, had a big smile and soon became known as the happy cow. When I started selling perforated music for mechanical organs, it was natural to use the happy cow as a trade mark.


Though I don't make organ music on a commercial basis these days, the name remains and the production of CD's are under the Happy Cow Music label.


Happy Cow Music is a non profit organisation. Proceeds from sales of CDs help with the maintenance and upkeep of my two mechanical organs and the provision of new music for them.


If you require any information please email me at happycowmusic@freeola.com


Mary MooMoo