HOW ABOUT some music from a mechanical organ for your event? 

Dutch street organ 'Marina'

My beloved Dutch Street organ MARINA was used at events all over Holland before being imported to the UK in 2003. The repertoire of punched music books includes modern pop songs, classics and other sorts of music to suit all

tastes. Marina isn't harsh, but sweet toned and suitable for all kinds of events -  and has even played at some indoor venues!  


Marina was built by Joop van Embden in the workshops of Theo Heesbeen of Tilburg, Holland about 25 years ago and the scale is an extension of a Limonaire 35 key scale with register changes and percussion.


Though MARINA isn't the largest of organs, she is versatile and delightful.

Marina 2009 


From 2007 to 2012 Marina has appeared with great success at the prestigous International  Hooghuys Festival in Geraardsbergen, Belgium and is due to attend again in 2013 ( see ) .


Marina in Geraardsbergen


 Some of Marina's appreciative audience!


Marina has recently a remedial overhaul in the workshops of NBC in Tilburg ( April/May 2013) and new bellows were installed and the mechanism overhauled.




To hire MARINA send an email to or via the message system on the contact page. You can also ring 01246-231608 ( answerphone )


This clip shows MARINA in action In Belgium






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