Draaiorgel-Streetorgan CARIANNE


The Carianne project started in November when I paid a visit to my friend Toon Heesbeen at his company NBC Orgelbouw In Tilburg, Netherlands. From a prototype organ built for Thijs Haenen and new organ type called 'Distelvink' or 'Goldfinch' in English had been developed.


Using this basic design, but with enhanced materials and specification I ordered a new organ to be named CARIANNE.


Work began slowly as other projects took precendence, but components were assembled and the organ began to take shape.




Over the following weeks progress was made slowly as work on other projects allowed. The decision was made to clad the main case in walnut veneer and that the facade would have the best hand carved features.


The organ plays from a midi system and is especially versatile with independent violin and bourdon sections of 19 notes each, an accompaniment section of 12 notes ( a chromatic octave ) and six bass notes with two pipes each, the lowest note being C instead of the usual G making a deeper bass section. In addition there is a bass drum, cymbal and snare drum in percussion. The violin and bourdon sections each have a tremulant, which is electronically controlled and synchronised.


The midi system was made by Tony Decap in Herentals (www.decap.be)


Elements of the carved work are copied from the famous Carl Frei organ 'De Negentiger'.


The pipes are all hand made and voiced to perfection by Toon Heesbeen himself.


I visited the factory in May whilst in Holland for the KDV contact day in Arnhem and saw the progress at that time.


Veneer applied to back of case, blower and plenum installed

Bass pipes almost ready

Elements of the facade being painted

Finally in June the organ was finally complete. I was in Holland to visit two organ events during their Pinkster bank holiday weekend and I went to collect the organ the following tuesday.


Upon entering the showroom at the factory in Tilburg there was the organ ready to play for me. I was speechless, it was beautiful! The workmanship is excellent, the sound is excellent and Jolanda's painting of the facade is stunning. To crown the facade is a figure, the carving being a replica of the bandmaster figure on the well know organ 'De Brandweer'.


Thijs Haenen had arranged and adapted a superb selection of music for the organ which show the organ off at it's best.


After a recital we then had the task of fitting it in the trailer which had been acquired and adapted to suit the organ.



Everything done, playing for us!

The first appreciative audience.


The truck driver made his delivery nearby, then returned to have a listen. The lady and child also appeared to enjoy the music!



Streetorgan CARIANNE is now available for hire in the UK. For information use the contact page on this website or e-mail carianne@ukmm.com



May I extend my appreciation and grateful thanks to

Toon Heesbeen , Jolanda ,and the other workmen at NBC Orgelbouw, Tilburg, Netherlands



Thijs Haenen, who made the arrangements for the organ

Tony Yorke, who helped me bring the organ home

Tony Decap who made the midi system www.decap-herentals.be



Finally Thijs managed to make some films of the organ before I collected it and they can be found on YouTube